The X-BIONIC® Philosophy

“Enough!” CEO Professor Bodo W. Lambertz said in using old wisdom when it comes to functional apparel. Athletes were wearing cotton when you still needed a starting handle to start your car. Nowadays, we drive with intelligent hybrid technology and make use of recuperation, ABS and ESP. Can functional clothing for athletes be as innovative, efficient and forward-looking as car manufacturing, space travel and modern medicine? It can if you rethink your approach to functional clothing.


In just 16 years, X­-BIONIC® has redefined the world of functional clothing. In the beginning, there was a revolutionary functional sock. Then came an innovative jacket. But just like evolution, the development was continually perfected.




What keeps birds in the air? Sports cars on the ground? Athletes at peak performance? It’s all about the laws of nature coupled with the innovative spirit of inspired pioneers. Bionics means learning from nature. The drive towards technological leadership is in our nature. And nature itself is where we find answers. Higher, faster, further, better is just the beginning. From there, we think further. Much further.




Refined aerodynamics, dynamic stabilizers, maximum cooling power and flow­optimized surfaces all sound like the profile of a super sports car, but this is the basic equipment of every X­-BIONIC®design. Perfectly positioned converter ports guide airflow for cooling under the surface and are used by patented solutions to cool the body.




The essence of perfection. When performances counts, cooling is king. Whether you’re taking the lead on two wheels or with your legs. Ventilation slots guide the wind of your travel over your back into the unique 3D Bionic Sphere® System, a core technology.




Successful engineers are ascetics: they consistently eliminate the superfluous. They take advantage of the space gained for technology that is all used for a single goal: maximum performance. The developers at X­-BIONIC® build an impressive number of patents into every article of functional clothing. They surround the body like an integrated network of auxiliary systems, each providing a quantum leap in the dimensions of thermal stability, neurostimulation and muscle coordination.




The closer you look, the further we are ahead of the world. With an untiring spirit of invention and bionic expertise, the X­-BIONIC® developers always find a way to make the seemingly impossible a reality. Maximum comfort in minimum volume. Impressive design combined with ground­breaking technology. The closer you are to X­-BIONIC®, the greater the distance from the rest of the world.




You’ll look and feel similar to the athletes at the top of their sports. The athletes at the peak of their performance. Leave the technical details and design to us and just enjoy the premium product.