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The Plus X Award honours manufacturers for the quality advantage of their products. This adds to the recognition culture benefiting innovative companies that today are already thinking about tomorrow. Albert Einstein once said: "More than the past, it is the future that interests me, since that's where I intend to live." With this principle in mind, the Plus X Award distinguishes products that are viable for the future. And it does so in categories that are of interest to many consumers: Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of Use/Functionality, Ergonomics and Ecology.


Years of research

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Patent registrations worldwide


Awards & test wins

Technology Lines


Maximum performance in changing climate conditions.


Ultimate performance even in extreme climate

The Trick®

Boosting performance through earlier cooling


Better training performance and endurance


Basic endurance and comfort improvement

Energy Accumulator®

High-tech decision layer for best sports performance


Patented interfaces for sport-specific performance

Authentic Athletes

True athletes. Genuine appreciation.


Decision Layer


The new X-BIONIC Future Factory in Northern Italy will start producing X-BIONIC in May 2018. It enables the Swiss innovation experts to produce the 3 dimensional X-BIONIC technologies in an unprecedented quality and precision.


ThermoSyphon Technology is ISPO Gold Winner

Discover the innovative ThermoSyphon Technology at our ISPO booth hall B3-502.


High-tech for athletic excellence

The human body is capable of incomparable performance. Particularly during sporting activity, highly efficient organ functions combine to form an emergent system: strength and dynamism then seem to outstrip the sum of available resources.


Using scientifically developed technologies, X-BIONIC® and X-SOCKS® support the mechanics of movement during training and competition - intelligently, adaptably and holistically from head to toe. Bionic concepts harmonize with physiological processes and provide the decisive performance boost. Optimum fit and outstanding thermoregulation promote individual maximum performance.


Continuous research, excellent engineering skills and the courage to think new are the basis for the groundbreaking X-BIONIC® and X-SOCKS® manufacturing processes. Unique high-performance fibers are used to create innovative materials whose ultra-dense knitted fabric features climate-regulating functional zones that are positioned with pinpoint precision - for greater comfort, safety and pleasure in movement.

The outstanding quality of X-BIONIC® and X-SOCKS® has been in a class of its own for decades and supports individual performance in every sport. Whether in summer or winter, in training or competition, in leisure or professional sports: the X brands are recognised worldwide, tried and tested many times over and unrivalled in their effectiveness.


More than 600 international awards and distinctions for technological innovation, design and functionality prove the pioneering role of the products with the X. The perfection of Swiss engineering achievements is reflected in numerous protected and patented technologies. Continuous development is the source of unique effectiveness and guarantees uncompromising quality.


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